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Solar Powered LED Light

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  • Product Details
    Solar Powered LED Light - SOLAR-LIGHT

    In a world that never sleeps, your signs need to be visible day and night, rain or shine. That's where the SD2k Solar Powered LED Light steps in, offering an ingenious solution to keep your A-Frames, real estate signs, display boards, door number markers, and signboards illuminated at all times. This versatile solar-powered LED light is more than just a beacon.

    Real Estate Signage: Make your property listings stand out, even in the dark, by illuminating your real estate signs, attracting potential buyers 24/7.

    Retail Displays: Highlight your storefront and display boards, showcasing your products and services day and night, drawing customers in with a welcoming glow.

    Door Number Markers: Ensure that your guests or delivery drivers can find you easily, no matter the time, by illuminating your door number marker.

    Business Signboards: Make a bold statement with your business signage, projecting your brand into the night and guiding customers to your door.

    Product Specifications:
    • Solar Panels: 4w
    • Battery: 3.7v 3000MAH
    • Size: L284 x W68 x H30MM
    • Waterproof Grade: IP65
    • Working Time: 12H x5 nights
    • Working Mode: Constant lighting at night

    The SD2K Solar Powered LED Light isn't just about illumination; it's about making your signs shine. Embrace the power of the sun, reduce your energy costs, and ensure your signage leaves a lasting impression with this dependable and eco-friendly LED light. Make your signs the center of attention, make your message clear, and make it happen with the SD2 Solar Powered LED Light.

  • Specifications
    Brand: SD2K Company
    Product Type Solar Sign Light
    Color Black
    Weight: 5.00 lbs
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